How do I book a lesson with tutor?

When you are looking for the tutor for you or for your children you always look for the best one. We recommend check the tutor profile thoroughly and if you are interested contact the tutor by clicking the "Message me" button on the tutor profile.

Note: we always recommend contact with 3-4 tutors, sometime tutors have busy schedule so he/she might not available.

Once you have established a conversation with tutor and set the lesson requirement and choose the venue. Then you can either send a request to the tutor for the lesson or tutor can suggest you for the lesson.

Note: for safety reason tutor or client cannot exchange any contact detail, addresses, any social media link etc. etc.

Once tutor and client agree you may send a request to the tutor for the lesson by clicking on the “Request a Lesson”.

A form will be open where you need to choose subject date and time.

Fill the form and send the request by click on the “Send Message” button.

When you send a request to the tutor we notify tutor with the immediate effect and if tutor accept your request we let you know and you can make the payment for that lesson(s) by clicking the “Add” button.

If tutor reject your request we’ll let you know about that and you may send the request with different time or date.