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Special Needs


Area: SM6

Posted: 29-04-2021

Sen tutor for my 7 year old son. He has diagnosis of ASD and being home schooled at moment.

Computer Science

Cmd t

Area: 100

Posted: 20-04-2021

I need someone who would give me tutor on mobile application development

11+ Admissions

Michelina U

Area: TW9

Posted: 18-01-2021

Hi, we looking for an experienced tutor able to support our daughter with preparation for 11+ entrance for 2022. She is currently in Y5. She is very keen on English but needs more confidence in Math. In general, we would like a tutor able to prepare her across all the subjects required for 11+ (English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, interview) with successful experience for 11+ entrance at the Latymer Upper School (and possibly Ibstock Place). Also very knowledgeable of the school expectations, the whole system in general and what will be possible to be expected for the exam this year, sept 2021 e.g ISEB test etc. While at the moment only online tuition is available, we would ideally like to move to 'in person tuition' when allowed (Richmond area). Frequency 1h per week, time flexible, starting asap. Hope to hear from you. Thank you!


Sam E

Area: B29

Posted: 13-12-2020

Dear Teachers, Would looking for professional teachers for my year 2 daughter maximum I can pay £10 if any with professional qualification can approach near to Selly park area in Birmingham and also would prefer Female teachers only. Thanks sam


Sam E

Area: B29

Posted: 08-12-2020

Dear Teachers, Any one near Selly park for the year 5 and 11+ experienced only Female professional experienced School teacher for my Daughter she is studying in year 5.We are looking for someone to come our home 1 to 1 face to face Tution in Maths & English. Please send me your information. if your interested with your profile.I will get back to don’t need to worry about Covid we are all negative we have kits to check Covid test regularly because we both in NHS we have provided kits for Covid don’t worry of visiting our home you are safe.Any questions please email me happy to answer.We both have DBS certificates from our work. Thanks Sam

English Language(A-Level)

Sangeeta J

Area: B17

Posted: 05-12-2020

Need an english graduate for my daughter doing A level English

Advanced Maths (GCSE)

Nolwandle D

Area: EH1

Posted: 27-10-2020

Seeking help with higher maths please


Jane k

Area: BH1

Posted: 27-09-2020

Hi. I’m looking for a A-Level psychology tutor for my daughter.

Public Speaking

Sunith D

Area: HA1

Posted: 13-07-2020

I would like tutoring for my son and daughter aged 7 for English and Maths whilst also improving their public speaking skills

Further Maths

Vera A

Area: ST6

Posted: 14-03-2020

I’m looking for a home tutoring for my child who’s in year 9. Preferably subjects Maths and Science. Thank you Vera