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Pratibha G

Posted: 14-10-2021

Hello, I'm looking for a 7 year old science & English teacher. I am currently located in Israel. Thanks


Maysarah S

Posted: 24-07-2021

I’m looking for a science gcse teacher weekly ASAP thanks . A teacher for all 3 science subjects


Oliver S

Posted: 21-07-2021

I have to a take a re-sit of the mechanics module of the Foundation year in Engineering that I have been studying at Cardiff University. The re-sits are w/c 23rd August 2021. I am looking for a tutor to support me to pass the re-sit and for ongoing support when I commence my degree in September 2021. Many thanks.

Seven Plus - 7+

Aditya T

Posted: 14-06-2021

Looking for my 5-yr old daughter (Reception) to get into a Private school at 7+

Chemistry (Degree)

Hamza a

Posted: 10-05-2021

I'm looking for Online Chemistry tutor

Microsoft Project

Diana M

Posted: 19-01-2021

Daughter doing business degree and this is a core subject.. she finds it impossible as no tutoring on such

Chemistry (IB)

Shara A

Posted: 17-01-2021

Hi, I am an IB student who needs a bit of help on the IA (almost like a lab report based on a experiment I have conducted) My IA is based on redox titrations and I am struggling to do the calculations. Is it possible for you to help and give me overall guidance on my IA, I will provide my research question as well as the marking criteria and model IA

Computer Science (GCSE)

Alison C

Posted: 11-01-2021

We are looking for an online tutor to help our child in computer science and maths I GCSE, who is lacking in confidence.

English Literature(GCSE)

Sangeeta J

Posted: 08-12-2020

Looking for English graduate tutor for my daughter at A level

English Literature(A-Level)

Sangeeta J

Posted: 05-12-2020

Need a tutor who has is a graduate in English literature for my daughter doing A level english