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Seven Plus - 7+

Aditya T

Posted: 14-06-2021

Looking for my 5-yr old daughter (Reception) to get into a Private school at 7+

Microsoft Project

Diana M

Posted: 19-01-2021

Daughter doing business degree and this is a core subject.. she finds it impossible as no tutoring on such

Chemistry (IB)

Shara A

Posted: 17-01-2021

Hi, I am an IB student who needs a bit of help on the IA (almost like a lab report based on a experiment I have conducted) My IA is based on redox titrations and I am struggling to do the calculations. Is it possible for you to help and give me overall guidance on my IA, I will provide my research question as well as the marking criteria and model IA

Computer Science (GCSE)

Alison C

Posted: 11-01-2021

We are looking for an online tutor to help our child in computer science and maths I GCSE, who is lacking in confidence.

English Literature(GCSE)

Sangeeta J

Posted: 08-12-2020

Looking for English graduate tutor for my daughter at A level

English Literature(A-Level)

Sangeeta J

Posted: 05-12-2020

Need a tutor who has is a graduate in English literature for my daughter doing A level english

Biology (GCSE)

Nolwandle D

Posted: 26-10-2020

I’ve never struggled with biology until now. I’ve had 4 unit tests so far and got percentages from 23% - 54% which is not good enough considering I need an A in the final exam. What would help is extra explanations so I can revise properly because sometimes when I leave class I don’t fully understand everything. Nat 5 to higher biology has been a big jump for me so I think a tutor would be a great help

Advanced Maths (GCSE)

Nolwandle D

Posted: 26-10-2020

I’ve always been in the tops sets for maths but I Ever since start of S5 I’ve struggled with higher maths, much more than I did at Nat 5. Due to lockdown we started the course early with videoed lessons however that did not help at all so I’d like help catching up with those sections I missed which I will show you when we begin. The work we’ve done in class has had its ups and downs but I really just need someone I can go over stuff with in my own time as there’s no more after school help classes. I got an A at Nat 5 and my teacher has put me at a working grade low C but by the end of year I’d really like a B to be realistic but an A would be nice too


Karen H

Posted: 12-10-2020

I am looking for a tutor to assist my 9 year old. He was doing additional French lessons at school with La Jolie Ronde but due to Covid-19 restrictions his tutor can no longer teach at school.