Sophie O 

Cambridge University Student tutoring psychology & philosophy as well as essay writing skills and university admissions!

I study Psychology at Cambridge and take Philosophy as my 'minor' subject. This means that I'm able to tutor on psychology and philosophy (of course), but also sociology, feminism, politics, international development, current affairs, environmental issues and sustainability to a high level. Additionally, I can offer Science, English, French and Maths tutoring to GCSE level. Areas that I'm really interested in tutoring outside of a particular 'subject' are general essay writing skills, public speaking, persuasive writing, personal statements and more general university applications advice. If you are thinking of applying to university (especially Oxbridge), I'd advise getting some wider critical thinking and argument-making tutoring from me, which would involve interview prep. I like to get students thinking critically about topics, not just 'ticking boxes', but pushing ideas further to show the highest level of interest and competence. I like to do this through guided spoken sessions where I get the student talking about a topic firstly to practice comprehension, but then engage more critically to practice higher-level thinking. When it comes to improving writing, I like to review students' own writing and give written feedback before a session, to allow any questions to come up and be answered then. For university applications preparation, I will give mock interview practice, review personal statements and have general advice sessions.




    Level: Degree


Subjects Level
Admissions Primary
Advanced Maths GCSE
Art 11+ , GCSE , Primary
Basic Skills Primary , 11+
Biology GCSE
Cambridge University Admissions
Chemistry GCSE
English 11+ , Common Entrance , Primary
English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
Environmental Studies
General Studies A-Level , AS , GCSE
Geography 11+ , Common Entrance , GCSE
Government and Politics
Humanities 11+ , GCSE
Maths 11+ , GCSE
Mental Health
Oxbridge Admissions
Philosophy A-Level , AS , Degree , IB
Physics 11+ GCSE
Psychology A-Level , AS , Degree , Pre-U
Religious Studies GCSE
Science 11+ , A-Level , AS , Common Entrance , GCSE , Primary , Scholarship
Sociology A-Level , AS , Degree
Statistics A-Level , AS , GCSE , IB
French Beginner , GCSE
Basic IT Skills
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word
Horse Riding
Confidence Coaching
Interview Practice
Life Coaching
Public Speaking
Study Skills
Thinking Skills Assessment
Thinking Skills Assessment - TSA