Sanchit S 

Developer branching out into teaching

Lately I'm finding more enjoyment from teaching than coding, so I'm branching out into tuition. I'm fairly quiet, keep myself up to date with computing issues and have an interest in all things maths, physics and computing. I studied at Imperial College London to get a degree in Geophysics. In hindsight it wasn't the best course for me, which is why I went into programming afterwards.



    Subjects: GEOPHYSICS

    Level: Degree


Subjects Level
Advanced Maths AS , A-Level GCSE
Computer Science 11+ , A-Level , AS , Primary , GCSE
Computing 11+ , A-Level , AS , GCSE , Primary
Further Maths A-Level , AS , Pre-U
Geology GCSE
ICT 11+ , A-Level , AS , GCSE
Maths 11+ , A-Level , GCSE , Primary
Mechanics A-Level , AS , GCSE
Physics 11+ , A-Level , AS , GCSE
Statistics GCSE