Olumide I 

First-Class Industrial Economics graduate (Uni of Nottingham) with tutoring experience, offering GCSE & A-level tutoring in Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, ICT and Sciences in Londo

I am passionate about education and have always been a focused and studious individual. My primary aim as a tutor is to ensure that I firstly understand what specifically the student is struggling with - whether it be an aspect of a subject or a broad number of aspects across the subject. This is usually uncovered by a simple conversation with the student (and sometimes parent/carer). Once this is identified the next step in my teaching methodology is to devise a specific plan as to how overcome these challenges. On my side, this firstly involves me studying the subject in the examining board specifically to be more informed of the specific requirements of the subject (looking through sample papers, past papers, mark schemes, specifications to understand the requirements of the examiner fully). Following on from this, the next step is to go through the challenging subject areas with the student and to help them understand these complex subject areas better through 1-to-1 or group tutoring. My teaching style is always tightly matched to the examining board specification and mark scheme making sure that the students learns what it is the examiner is looking for and gradually learns how to answer these questions over time. I always keep a clear communication style with the students which helps to make complex subject areas more simple. A common feature of teaching methodology is to go through past papers and practice these in an exam-style scenario (giving students a set time to answer the question) when applicable. This would come after we have gone through and studied the topics in the subject so that they can either answer past papers questions in isolation (either one or two questions on the past papers and time them) or answer the whole past paper when they are ready. I also set homework at the end of each tutoring session and the work involved ranges from what I have uncovered in the session. For example, I may set the student to answer a range of questions from a revision guide if it is a topic they are familiar with or I may set study-based homework if they are learning a new topic and need to, for example, learn a range of new formulas and fully understand them before they can answer questions. One key aspect of my teaching methodology is that I adapt my approach for each student and tailor the service to ensure that we achieve success in the best possible way. I do not take a copy-and-paste approach and I always like to keep the student and parent/carer aware of what it is that we are doing.




    Level: Degree


Subjects Level
Advanced Maths GCSE
Maths 11+ , A-Level , GCSE
Economics A-Level , AS
English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
Science GCSE