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I' am a medical student who would like to tutor national 5 , higher and advanced higher Science and history! comes with pre-made Notes and textbooks!

I'am currently a first year medical student at St Andrews university who received offers from Aberdeen, Dundee and Exeter and studied at The Mary Erskine School in Edinburgh for 15 years. ]I still have all my notes from national 5's, highers advanced higher ; including concise notes, flash cards and shortened notes for AH and higher History, helps with revision time and understanding!! I have textbooks too including ones off the book list!! I have notes for English higher : one flew over the cuckoo nest , street car named desire and Norman McKay and national 5 : Macbeth , Carol Ann Duffy and King of the Castle included annotated books and notes for each. I also have notes for higher history : French Revolution, Britain 1851- 1910 and the Wars of independence , Advanced higher history - Russia section and national 5 : Cold War , WW1 and the transatlantic slave trade I enjoyed my schooling and especially creating these notes in a typed and concise format and I know from experience these can take hours to make and are a life saver. I'm enthusiastic to pass on my love and knowledge for these subjects and help others to achieve there goals! I understand the SQA system particularly well having being tutored myself by SQA staff and can pass on key tips and advice!


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    Subjects: MEDICINE

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Subjects Level
History GCSE , AS , A-Level , 11+ Common Entrance , IB , Pre-U
Chemistry GCSE , AS A-Level , Degree , IB , Pre-U
Biology GCSE , AS A-Level , IB , Pre-U
Advanced Maths AS , GCSE , IB
Basic Skills 11+ , Primary
Early Years
Early Years Support
English 11+ , Common Entrance , IB , Pre-U , Primary
English Language AS , GCSE
English Literature AS , GCSE
Further Maths AS , Pre-U
Maths 11+ , Common Entrance , GCSE , IB , Pre-U , Primary , Scholarship
Physics GCSE , IB , Pre-U
Religious Studies GCSE
Science 11+ , AS , GCSE , Primary , Scholarship
Flute Beginner
Confidence Coaching
Public Speaking
Study Skills
Thinking Skills Assessment