Can Tutor or Client exchange their personal details in the message?

We have built our own massaging platform into the site so you can have chat with client or student as much as you would like before meeting each other, For safety, phone numbers, email addresses and any other means of personal contact are not allowed to be exchanged prior to a booking.

Once the client has booked and made a payment for the lesson we’ll let you via email about the lesson booking and the contact detail of the client so you can contact with client and iron out more detail regarding the lesson(s) or address where lesson going to be held.

Please make sure and keep an eye on your mail account if you couldn’t receive an email in your inbox it might be in your junk mail folder please mark that sort of emails as trusted mail so next time it couldn’t go in junk mail folder.

It's really important to us to be able to make sure every student who comes to the site is able to find a tutor they are happy with. We can't do this if the conversation moves offline, so we do ask that tutors keep the conversation on site.