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11+ entrance exams tutor

I am a dedicated tutor that has been guiding students to success since 2015 in Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal reasoning. In my sessions, I ensure that my students receive the highest possible grades in their subjects by supporting wi...

Subjects: 11+ Admissions , Admissions (Primary) , Basic Skills (11+) , Basic Skills (Primary) , Creative Writing , Dulwich College School Admissions , Early Years Support , English(11+) , Geography , Geography(11+) , Geography(AS) , Geography(Common Entrance) , Geography(GCSE) , Handsworth Grammar School , King's College Wimbledon School Admissions , Maths(11+) , Merchant Taylors' School Admissions , Mill Hill School Admissions(11+) , Mill Hill School Admissions(13+) , Non-Verbal Reasoning , Queen Mary's Grammar School , Sevenoaks School Admissions , St Albans School Admissions(11+) , St Albans School Admissions(13+) , St. Columba's College Admissions(11+) , St. Columba's College Admissions(13+) , St. Edmund's College Admissions(11+) , St. Edmund's College Admissions(13+) , Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls , Verbal Reasoning

£ 20 per hour

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