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Philosophy and Politics graduate with other Curriculum Available

My name is Tim, I have recently finished my degree in Philosophy and Politics at the University of Sheffield. I am pursuing a master's in philosophy orientated around political philosophy. I enjoy teaching because it allows an intellectual engagem...

Subjects: Sociology(A-Level) , Philosophy(Degree) , Politics(Degree)

£ 25 per hour

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English Lit, Lang & Study Skills Tutor

I currently tutor in English lit&lang helping students achieve high grades at GCSE level. I am also preparing year 10 students for their final year of school be coaching them to use their revision time effectively. I have worked with a wide array of...

Subjects: English , English(11+) , English(Common Entrance) , English(Degree) , English(Primary) , English Language , English Language(A-Level) , English Language(AS) , English Language(GCSE) , English Literature , English Literature(GCSE) , Government and Politics , Politics , Politics(A-Level) , Politics(AS) , Politics(Degree) , Law(A-Level) , History , History(11+) , History(A-Level) , History(AS) , History(GCSE) , Microsoft Powerpoint , Microsoft Word , Interview Practice , Public Speaking , Study Skills

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High achieving Masters Student Teaching Politics, English Lit, History & others

I recently achieved a First Class degree in Politics and International Relations from the University of Sheffield. I am now completing my Masters degree in International Development on a full scholarship of academic excellence. I can teach Politics t...

Subjects: Government and Politics , Government and Politics(Pre-U) , Politics , Politics(A-Level) , Politics(AS) , Politics(Degree) , Arabic(Beginner) , Public Speaking , Study Skills , Citizenship Studies (GCSE) , Creative Writing , English , English(11+) , English(Primary) , English Language , English Literature , English Literature(A-Level) , English Literature(AS) , English Literature(GCSE) , History(A-Level) , History(GCSE) , History(AS) , Philosophy(AS) , Tap Dance

£ 20 per hour

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