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professional musician offers help ......

A Vocal and Music Tutor / Teacher who has previously studied at the Vocal Department of Music College and at Conservatorium of Riga. Has studied many postgraduate qualifications thought the University of Latvia as a professional opera singer and vo...

Subjects: Singing , Singing(Beginner) , Singing(Intermediate) , Singing(Advanced) , Piano , Piano(Beginner) , Piano(Intermediate) , Vocal Coaching , Italian(Beginner) , Russian , Russian(A-Level) , Russian(Degree) , Russian(IB) , Russian(AS) , Russian(GCSE)

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Modern, experienced, fun & enthusiastic teacher of music (GSCE, music technology, piano, guitar and vocal coaching), English (up to GCSE level) and law (up to undergraduate degree.

I have 14 years of experience of private tuition, am fully DBS checked and registered and bring a fresh, modern approach to teaching. I have taught piano, guitar and vocal coaching for 14 years, English for 12 years and law for 11 years. I love helpi...

Subjects: Law , Law(A-Level) , Law(Degree) , Piano , Piano(Beginner) , Piano(Intermediate) , English , English(11+) , English(Primary) , English Language , Mentoring , Music(GCSE)

£ 22 per hour

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The hardest working man in leeds, here to provide all your needs

Honest, reliable and effective. If you do not improve, I am not doing my job right and so I guarantee my full commitment to my student's needs, whatever they may be. I hope to help as many people as I can learn about music whatever age they may be, a...

Subjects: Public Speaking , Microsoft Word , Logic Pro , Internet , Digital Audio , Computer Literacy , Basic IT Skills , Apple , Music Theory , Piano(Intermediate) , Piano(Beginner) , Piano(Advanced) , Piano , Keyboard , Guitar - Electric , Guitar - Acoustic , Guitar , Composition , Clarinet , Bass Guitar , Music Technology(GCSE) , Music Technology(A-Level) , Music Technology , Music(GCSE) , Music(Degree) , Music(AS) , Music(A-Level) , Music(11+) , Music

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Young well-experienced piano & music theory tutor // A-level Biology tutor // NW London and Manchester

I am a friendly and experienced piano/music theory tutor. I have 14 years of musical background behind me and am currently taking a music degree at the University of Manchester. I have been tutoring piano and theory for the last 3 years. I am able to...

Subjects: Art (GCSE) , Basic Skills , Basic Skills (11+) , Basic Skills (Primary) , Biology , Biology (GCSE) , Biology (AS) , Biology (A-Level) , English(11+) , English(Primary) , Music , Music(11+) , Music(A-Level) , Music(AS) , Music(GCSE) , Music(Primary) , Religious Studies(GCSE) , Science(GCSE) , Aural , Piano , Piano(Advanced) , Piano(Beginner) , Piano(Intermediate) , Music Theory

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Music Graduate and professional freelancer in tutoring, accompanying, performing, composing and arranging. also a spanish enthusiast and tutor.

I recently graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Music and have since enjoyed a busy freelance professional lifestyle, where I teach, sing, accompany exams and classes, perform in theatres and orchestras, and compose and arrange music. I hav...

Subjects: Music , Music Theory , Spanish , Cello , Piano(Intermediate) , Piano(Beginner) , Music(GCSE)

£ 36 per hour

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Primary - A level Maths & Music Tutor, Clarinet & Piano Tutor also

I’m currently entering my second year of my MMat Mathematics degree at the university of Leicester. I achieved high grades at GCSE and A Level and was a keen musician outside of my studies, playing piano to grade 8 standard and clarinet to grade 7. W...

Subjects: Piano(Intermediate) , Piano(Beginner) , Clarinet , Music(Primary) , Music(11+) , Music(A-Level) , Music(AS) , Maths(Primary) , Further Maths(A-Level) , Further Maths(AS) , Maths(GCSE) , Maths(A-Level) , Maths(11+)

£ 15 per hour

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Fourth year medical student offering GCSE or A level science tutoring, as well as medical admission advice and Support

Hi there! My name is Alistair Gregg and I am a fourth year medical student at Barts and The London School of Medicine, currently studying for a BSc in immunology and infectious disease at Imperial College London. I have a real passion for science and...

Subjects: Piano(Intermediate) , Piano(Beginner) , UKCAT , Science(Primary) , Science(GCSE) , Science(A-Level) , Science , Chemistry (GCSE) , Chemistry (AS) , Chemistry (A-Level) , BMAT , Biology (IB) , Biology (GCSE) , Biology (AS) , Biology (A-Level) , Biology

£ 24 per hour

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GCSE Science and 11+ Tutor + Music Teacher for beginners

Hello! My name is Chloe and I am a gap year student hoping to teach anyone of all ages a range of different subjects. Besides having a love for science and academia, I also enjoy playing the piano and violin. During my time at secondary school I used...

Subjects: Violin(Beginner) , Piano(Intermediate) , Piano(Beginner) , Maths(11+) , English(11+) , Chemistry (GCSE) , Biology (GCSE)

£ 22 per hour

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Piano/Music Teacher and Russian/Hebrew tutor

I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and qualified Piano/Music Teacher with more than 20 year of experience. I have taught complete beginners to grade 8. I also teach Russian and Hebrew languages. Students of all ages and abilities welcome. I generally...

Subjects: Piano(Beginner) , Piano(Intermediate) , Piano(Advanced) , Music Theory , Hebrew(Beginner) , Hebrew(Intermediate) , Russian , Russian(A-Level) , Russian(Degree) , Russian(AS) , Russian(GCSE)

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Cambridge graduate teaching piano and RS

Hi everyone! I'm Susanna and I love playing and teaching the piano. I'm also a massive theology nerd - I studied it at Cambridge! As my piano student you will have the chance to develop your playing in whatever style you choose. We can go down the...

Subjects: Piano , Piano(Advanced) , Piano(Beginner) , Piano(Intermediate) , Music Theory , Religious Studies , Religious Studies(A-Level) , Religious Studies(AS) , Religious Studies(Degree) , Religious Studies(GCSE) , Philosophy , Philosophy(A-Level) , Philosophy(AS)

£ 40 per hour

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