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Mathematics / Physics/ Madarin Tutor

I'm Chinese, 18 yrs old. I now live in UK with my family. I just finished studying A-level Maths, Further Maths and Physics. Now looking to pick up a job to do over this summer. Music wise I played drums for 12 years (since I was 4) I believe my...

Subjects: Advanced Maths (GCSE) , Maths(GCSE) , Non-Verbal Reasoning , Physics(GCSE) , UKMT Challenge , Drums(Beginner) , Chinese , Chinese(A-Level) , Chinese(GCSE) , Chinese(Beginner) , Catalan(Intermediate) , Chinese(Intermediate) , Mandarin , Mandarin(Beginner) , Mandarin(AS) , Mandarin(GCSE) , Mandarin(Intermediate)

£ 15 per hour

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Mandarin and English Teacher in London

I am a qualified English as a Second Language teacher, with a CELTA qualification and 3 years of experience teaching in China. I focus on teaching oral English, including daily conversations, travelling English, slang and colloquial phrases. I can al...

Subjects: Mandarin , Mandarin(Beginner) , Mandarin(Common Entrance) , Mandarin(GCSE) , Mandarin(IB) , Mandarin(Intermediate) , English , English Language

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