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GCSE Maths and Further Maths Tutor

The Aviation Industry is a rapidly growing industry that has captured my fascination from a young age. I first realised that I wanted to explore the realm of Aerospace when I boarded a plane to India and ever since then these giant machines have int...

Subjects: Maths(11+) , Maths(GCSE) , Maths(Primary) , Further Maths , Gujarati(Beginner) , Gujarati(GCSE)

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Engineering career related tutor

Believe in growth of children, not only in taught subjects but also personally and mentally. Have experience tutoring kids for above subjects and would like to share knowledge. My teaching methods include explanation of key points to covering slighte...

Subjects: Chemistry (A-Level) , Chemistry (GCSE) , Chemistry (AS) , Creative Writing , English(Primary) , English Language , English Language(A-Level) , English Language(AS) , English Language(GCSE) , Maths(A-Level) , Maths(GCSE) , Maths(Primary) , Maths(Scholarship) , Mechanics , Mechanics(A-Level) , Physics(A-Level) , Physics(AS) , Physics(GCSE) , Gujarati , Gujarati(A-Level) , Gujarati(Advanced) , Gujarati(AS) , Gujarati(Beginner) , Gujarati(GCSE) , Gujarati(Intermediate) , Hindi(Beginner) , Hindi(GCSE) , French(Beginner)

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Primary and gCSE Tutor

I am a Graphic Design graduate. I have little experience in teaching but have had experience with children between the ages of 4-13 for a few years now. Children learn fastest in a fun-filled environment and I do believe when you enjoy something you...

Subjects: Advanced Maths (GCSE) , Biology (GCSE) , Computer Science (GCSE) , Design and Craft (GCSE) , English Language(GCSE) , History(GCSE) , Maths(GCSE) , Photography(GCSE) , Physics(GCSE) , Science(GCSE) , Statistics(GCSE) , Gujarati(GCSE) , Hindi(GCSE) , Art (Primary) , Basic Skills (Primary) , Design and Craft (Primary) , English(Primary) , Maths(Primary) , Science(Primary)

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