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Friendly and patient tutor specialising in language classes

I'm an undergraduate student at University College London (UCL) studying a degree in European Social and Political Studies. This is a broad degree in which I study modules from various humanity and social science subjects, primarily Politics and Soci...

Subjects: English , English(Primary) , English Language , English Language(GCSE) , English Literature , English Literature(A-Level) , English Literature(AS) , English Literature(GCSE) , Geography , Geography(GCSE) , IELTS , Politics , EFL , EFL(Advanced) , EFL(Beginner) , EFL(Intermediate) , German , German(A-Level) , German(Beginner) , German(AS) , German(GCSE) , German(Intermediate)

£ 22 per hour

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Tutoring German and Arabic since over 25 years to children and adult,

Worked in Schools and colleges tutoring Arabic and German as both of them are my mother languages. I use different methods and style in tutoring to fit the needs of each individual student, Use of modern and update materials to assist with the learni...

Subjects: German , German(A-Level) , German(Advanced) , German(AS) , German(Beginner) , German(Common Entrance) , German(Degree) , German(GCSE) , German(IB) , German(Intermediate) , Arabic , Arabic(A-Level) , Arabic(Advanced) , Arabic(AS) , Arabic(Beginner) , Arabic(Degree) , Arabic(GCSE) , Arabic(IB) , Arabic(Intermediate)

£ 25 per hour

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Primary Maths & english tutor with specialism in French and German

Having spent several years assisting in local Primary and Secondary schools with Maths, English and Languages, I trained as a Primary school teacher in 2014-2015. I worked as a primary school teacher for one year, then I started supply teaching and t...

Subjects: English(Primary) , Maths(Primary) , French(Primary) , German

£ 25 per hour

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Friendly language tutor - hourly price negotiable

An enthusiastic, motivated and friendly student currently studying German and Russian at the University of Bristol. I have a strong passion for languages having grown up in Munich and have extensive knowledge and understanding of German as a conseque...

Subjects: Russian(IB) , Russian(GCSE) , Russian(AS) , Russian(A-Level) , Russian , German(Intermediate) , German(IB) , German(GCSE) , German(Degree) , German(Common Entrance) , German(Beginner) , German(AS) , German(Advanced) , German(A-Level) , German , Exercise and Fitness , Mentoring , Mental Health , Geography(IB) , Geography(GCSE) , English Literature(GCSE) , English Literature(AS) , English Literature(A-Level) , English Literature , English Language(GCSE) , English Language(AS) , English Language(A-Level) , English Language , English(Scholarship) , English(Primary) , English(Pre-U) , English(IB) , English(Degree) , English(Common Entrance) , Basic Skills , Basic Skills (11+) , Basic Skills (Primary) , English , English(11+)

£ 20 per hour

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Passionate and professional French, German, Spanish and Drum tutor

An undergraduate student of French and German at King’s College London who, having been a pastoral prefect and online language tutor has developed excellent communication skills as well as an awareness which is especially adapted for individual stude...

Subjects: Spanish(GCSE) , Spanish(Beginner) , Drums(Beginner) , German(Intermediate) , German(GCSE) , German(Beginner) , German , French(Primary) , French(Intermediate) , French(GCSE) , French(Beginner) , French

£ 30 per hour

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Native German Speaker with French

Growing up in Germany bilingually means I speak both English and German to native proficiency. For the majority of my working life I have had roles where speaking fluent German was essential, so despite living in the UK I have never lost the fluency...

Subjects: German , German(AS) , German(A-Level) , German(Advanced) , German(Beginner) , German(Common Entrance) , German(Degree) , German(GCSE) , German(IB) , German(Intermediate) , French(Beginner) , French(Primary)

£ 15 per hour

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Enthusiastic EFL tutor based in London

I have been teaching languages in the UK since 2011, ranging from home language tuition to postgraduate studies in a variety of institutions, including universities. In all my teaching, I apply a student-centred approach; learning should be tailored...

Subjects: Study Skills , History , Government and Politics , English , Admissions , Finnish , Swedish , German

£ 25 per hour

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100% 1st Time Exam Pass Rate, Native German & English Speaker, Learn German With Confidence For Fun, Work Or School!

100% 1ST TIME EXAM PASS RATE Since I started working as a German teacher and tutor over 23 years ago, I have been able to pride myself on the simple fact each and every one of my various German language students has achieved a satisfactory pass mark...

Subjects: German(Intermediate) , German(IB) , German(GCSE) , German(Degree) , German(Common Entrance) , German(Beginner) , German(AS) , German(Advanced) , German(A-Level) , German

£ 25 per hour

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