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UCL Russian, French and eFL Tutor

I have recently graduated from UCL, where I achieved a 2:1 in Russian Studies. I have 5 years of teaching experience! I first began my path of teaching when I was 18 and taught English as a foreign language in a school in the Caucuses. My students ra...

Subjects: Russian , Russian(A-Level) , Russian(AS) , Russian(Degree) , Russian(GCSE) , Russian(IB) , French(Beginner) , French(Common Entrance) , French(GCSE) , French(Primary) , English(11+) , English(Common Entrance) , English(Primary) , English Language(GCSE) , English Literature(GCSE) , EFL , EFL(Advanced) , EFL(Beginner) , EFL(Degree) , EFL(Intermediate) , Drama (11+) , Drama (GCSE) , Drama(Primary)

£ 30 per hour

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GCSE Maths & English Tutor/Primary Tutor in All Subjects

I am a third year primary education student at Bishop Grosseteste and want to offer my experience to children require extra tutoring. I am fully DBS checked and have strategies to help aid children with special educational needs in their learning. I...

Subjects: English Literature(GCSE) , English Language(GCSE) , Maths(GCSE) , Programming(Primary) , French(Primary) , Special Needs(Primary) , Science(Primary) , Music(Primary) , Maths(Primary) , Humanities(Primary) , Home Economics(Primary) , English(Primary) , Drama(Primary) , Design and Technology (Primary) , Design and Craft (Primary) , Computing (Primary) , Computer Science (Primary) , Basic Skills (Primary) , Art (Primary)

£ 15 per hour

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Highly skilled and experienced Tutor with Worldwide Experience

My name is Scott and I have been a specialised facilitator for 7 years. I have worked in New York, Moscow, London and Dubai. I am able to tutor a variety of people in a wide range of subjects. As I have worked worldwide, I am able to create, develop...

Subjects: Public Speaking , Performance Coaching , Confidence Coaching , English(Primary) , Drama(Primary) , Drama (GCSE) , Drama (Degree) , Drama (AS) , Drama (A-Level) , Drama (11+) , Creative Writing , Acting

£ 43 per hour

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Primary School Teacher

I adapt my teaching to work with each child individually and provide the child with the confidence to excel. I believe a child’s ability to reflect on their learning, learning through self teaching and repeating what they have learned is invaluable i...

Subjects: Art (Primary) , Basic Skills (Primary) , Computer Science (Primary) , Computing (Primary) , Creative Writing , Design and Craft (Primary) , Design and Technology (Primary) , Drama(Primary) , English(Primary) , English Language , English Language(A-Level) , English Language(GCSE) , Maths(Primary) , Music(Primary) , Science(Primary) , Guitar - Acoustic , Piano(Beginner) , Chess , Irish(A-Level) , Irish(Advanced) , Irish(Degree) , Irish(GCSE) , Irish(Beginner) , Irish(Intermediate) , EFL , EFL(Beginner) , EFL(Intermediate) , Gaelic , Gaelic(Advanced , Gaelic(Beginner) , Gaelic(Degree) , Gaelic(Intermediate)

£ 25 per hour

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Language Tutor Fluent in both french and Italian that can also offer Drama tutoring

Hello, my name is Stella Latteri and I am currently studying in London. I am Italian and have lived most of my life in Italy. My parents placed me in the French system since an early age and I have completed it with a French national diploma, the B...

Subjects: Italian , French , French(A-Level) , French(Beginner) , French(Primary) , French(IB) , Italian(Beginner) , Italian(A-Level) , Drama , Drama(Primary) , Drama (11+)

£ 20 per hour

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Dance and fitness tutor

Hello, I am Jahlela. Enthusiastic about dance and fitness. I also do English literature, drama and religious studies. I would like to help students to achieve their goal and to also help develop the skills they need in English literature, drama and (...

Subjects: Drama , Drama (GCSE) , Drama(Primary) , English Literature , English(Primary) , Religious Studies(GCSE) , Exercise and Fitness , Personal Training , Acting , Dance , Street Dance , Boxing

£ 18 per hour

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