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Friendly , Multi-skilled University graduate well versed in english, history, film making and other Specialist subjects

I am a recent University graduate available for flexible teaching hours in and around Edinburgh. My specialties include English, History, Film making, certain computer programs and basic martial arts - should the need arise. I have experience working...

Subjects: English , Drama (GCSE) , Drama (A-Level) , Drama (11+) , Drama , English(11+) , English(Common Entrance) , English(Primary) , English(Pre-U) , History , Media , Media(GCSE) , Self Defence , Acting , Film Making , Adobe Premiere , Basic IT Skills , Final Cut Pro , Internet , Microsoft Powerpoint , Microsoft Office , Microsoft Word , Podcasting , Martial Arts , Confidence Coaching

£ 20 per hour

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Drama school student, offering industry and school drama knowledge/tutoring.

I am a training actor whose passion is film/tv and theatre. I have been doing drama for the past 8 years and have received an A grade at AS and A* at GCSE. My knowledge doesn't just come from in school experience but also industry experience. My main...

Subjects: Drama , Performance Coaching , Public Speaking

£ 25 per hour

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Drama Graduate Helping with Drama Writing

I am a Drama Graduate who is looking to help students not only with their drama subject but can also help with general essay writing skills. I have experience in Physical Theatre, a broad knowledge of Shakespeare and good knowledge of Greek Theatre....

Subjects: Drama , Drama (11+) , Drama (A-Level) , Drama (AS)

£ 15 per hour

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english Literature and Language Tutor, GCSE, A-LEVEL and university applications

King's College London graduate with an English Literature and Language degree. I am currently working with Regent's University London in the English Language Centre as well as qualifying to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in China. My...

Subjects: Creative Writing , Drama , Drama (A-Level) , Drama (AS) , English , English(11+) , English(Common Entrance) , English(Degree) , English Language , English Language(GCSE) , English Literature , English Literature(A-Level) , English Literature(AS) , English Literature(GCSE) , Government and Politics , History , History(11+) , History(A-Level) , History(AS) , History(GCSE) , IELTS(Beginner) , Maths , Maths(11+) , Maths(GCSE) , Physics(GCSE) , Politics , Politics(A-Level) , Politics(AS) , Religious Studies , Religious Studies(GCSE) , Science(GCSE) , Sailing

£ 35 per hour

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Actor, Linguist, Polyglot and confidence Coach

I am a polyglot holding a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and have a vast experience in foreign language teaching and mentoring. I am a Method actor with theatre credits from New York and Granada. I am a fashion and portrait photographer with...

Subjects: Confidence Coaching , Life Coaching , Performance Coaching , Polish(Degree) , Polish(GCSE) , Polish , Spanish(IB) , Spanish(AS) , Spanish(Common Entrance) , Spanish(Intermediate) , Spanish(GCSE) , Spanish(Degree) , Spanish(Beginner) , Spanish(Advanced) , Spanish(A-Level) , Spanish , English Language , Drama

£ 43 per hour

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Experienced English, Drama and Media Teacher

I trained as a teacher of Drama and English in 2009 at the University of Wales in Aberystwyth and have since taught in many different schools, building up departments in Media and the performing arts. I have since left full time teaching to work with...

Subjects: Media , Media(A-Level) , Media(GCSE) , Film Making , Drama , Drama (A-Level) , Drama (GCSE) , Drama (Degree) , English Literature , English Literature(A-Level) , English Literature(GCSE)

£ 20 per hour

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Tutor for various academic subjects as well as life skills etc.

I am currently studying on a Theatre and Performance Degree at Plymouth University. I finished secondary school with 3 A-Levels, 3 AS-Levels, and 13 GCSEs with all grades between A* and C (across the 5 years). I hold a Level 2 Certificate in Food Hy...

Subjects: Study Skills , Life Skills , Life Coaching , Interview Practice , Cooking , Martial Arts , German(Beginner) , French(Primary) , French(GCSE) , French(Beginner) , Acting , Yoga , Tai Chi , Self Defence , Fitness , Exercise and Fitness , Philosophy , Maths(Primary) , Maths(GCSE) , Drama , Art

£ 30 per hour

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Drama, Music & English Tutor

Bedfordshire tutor specializing in singing tuition (trained choral performer), English tuition up to A level and Drama up to university standard. Willing to tutor online or in person at a reasonable rate. Only available through August as I'm travelli...

Subjects: English , Music , Drama

£ 15 per hour

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Enthusiastic MSc & BA graduate in the field of Management

Hello there, My name is Jasmine Adekunle and I have a BA(HONS) in Business Management-Finance and Financial Services and an MSc in International Business Management assigned to my name. I am currently doing my PhD in Business Managment. I am a perfe...

Subjects: Business Studies , Business Studies (A-Level) , Business Studies (Degree) , Drama , Drama (GCSE) , English(Primary) , English Language , English Language(GCSE) , English Literature , English Literature(GCSE) , Finance , Finance(Degree) , History(GCSE) , ICT , ICT(A-Level) , ICT(GCSE) , Law(A-Level)

£ 15 per hour

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English and Drama tutor

I’m a professional actress, with credits in TV and Film. I’m very passionate about English and drama and enjoy teaching. I’m happy to travel to you or teach at my house. I offer tutoring for students wishing to audition for drama school or help with...

Subjects: Drama , Drama (11+) , Drama (A-Level) , Drama (GCSE) , English , English(11+) , English(Common Entrance)

£ 40 per hour

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English, maths, music and Sociology specialisms

I am a final year university student, with the aspiration to become a teacher. I am confident and friendly, and would describe myself as a good communicator. I’ve studied particular teaching strategies, methods around how students learn best and the...

Subjects: Art (Primary) , Basic Skills , Basic Skills (11+) , Basic Skills (Primary) , Citizenship Studies , Citizenship Studies (GCSE) , Design and Craft (Primary) , Drama , Drama (11+) , Drama (GCSE) , English , English(11+) , English(Primary) , English Language , English Language(AS) , English Language(GCSE) , English Literature(GCSE) , General Studies(GCSE) , Humanities(GCSE) , Humanities(Primary) , Maths(Primary) , Music , Music(11+) , Music(AS) , Music(GCSE) , Music(Primary) , Music Technology(GCSE) , Religious Studies , Religious Studies(GCSE) , Science , Science(Primary) , Sociology(AS)

£ 16 per hour

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