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Multilingual teacher: Arabic, French, and English experienced tutor

I am a researcher, pursuing a PhD in languages education in MMU. teaching languages is my passion, I teach because I love the teaching profession. I can also teach ICT skills ranging from using computers for begginers, up to vloging and creating we...

Subjects: EFL , EFL(Beginner) , EFL(Intermediate) , EFL(Degree) , English Language , French(A-Level) , French(Advanced) , French(Beginner) , French(Degree) , French(Intermediate) , French(Primary) , Arabic , Arabic(A-Level) , Arabic(Advanced) , Arabic(Beginner) , Arabic(Degree) , Arabic(GCSE) , Arabic(Intermediate) , Microsoft , Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Outlook , Microsoft Office , Microsoft Powerpoint , Microsoft Word , Cooking , Computing , Computer Literacy , Computer Training , Database

£ 15 per hour

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Friendly, helpful and intuitive teacher

I aim to help people learn what they need to help themselves by listening and understanding their level of comprehension. I have been teaching web design to my customers for the last ten years and appreciate that everyone is different and they have d...

Subjects: Web Development(Advanced) , Database , Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Premiere

£ 25 per hour

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